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• 5lb of chicken fillets - only £15
• 5lb of steak mince - only £14
• 5lb of pork steaks - only £15

Beef, pork, lamb meatMeat

Beef, lamb and pork is locally sourced from within a 30 mile radius of Harrogate and is bought twice weekly from farms and suppliers in the area.

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Poultry meatPoultry

Chicken, duck, geese and turkeys are locally sourced from Nidderdale and Wetherby.

During the festive season we have plenty of turkeys, geese and our "3 birds in one" valentines. This is when we start with an onion wrapped with a pheasant, wrapped inside a duck and then wrapped inside a turkey. Sausage meat stuffing is placed between the layers and it's all netted up ready for the oven. Alternatively you can have pheasant, chicken and turkey.

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Game, venison, pheasant meatGame

Shortly after the start of their respective seasons, we have stocks of venison, pheasant, grouse, partridge, rabbit, hare, pigeon, guinea fowl, quail which are all shot on local shoots and prepared so they are oven-ready when purchased.


  • Deer: Aug - Apr
  • Pheasant: Oct - Feb
  • Grouse: Aug - Dec
  • Partridge: Sep - Feb
  • Rabbit, Hare, Pigeon: Year round
  • Guinea Fowl, Quail: Contact us.
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Biltong and South African meatsSouth African Meats

We produce our own biltong, boerewors and droewors using authentic recipies. These are air-dried and spiced meats which are tasty South African snacks. We also have South African groceries in the shop.

You can buy our meats online through our online shop Yorkshire Biltong.

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